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Duke Ellington Sacred Concert
on tour in french cathedrals
june 2nd to 12th, 2015

To celebrate the 40'th anniversary of Duke Ellington's heritage, Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra and Mercedes Ellington presented the Duke Ellington Sacred Concert on October 1st, 2014 in the church of Madeleine - Paris. More than 1.200 people were united in the same fervor by the dream-team of the Duke Orchestra, Mercedes Ellington, the vocalists Emmanuel Pi Djob, Nicolle Rochelle and Sylvia Howard, the tap dancer Fabien Ruiz and more than 120 chorists.
In front of such a success, Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra took the initiative to produce a tour in the french cathedrals : Lille, Rennes, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Nīmes. An great moment of spirituality for all audiences !

International Partnership

The Duke Ellington Center for the Arts, founded and chaired by Mercedes Ellington, initiate a long term international partnership with
Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra, La Maison du Duke and the Provins Duke Festival.  infos here

Contest "Ellington Composers 2013"

Summerwings - Leila olivesi
1st prize Sacem
Special prize Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra

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Many successful factors are common to the stage and companies: mastery of the fundamentals, project sharing, cohesion, listening, anticipation ... Founder and leader of l'Agence Musicale, Laurent Mignard mobilizes its network to help you interpret the messages of your company. With  the turning of musical emotion, a custom-made approach to for staging your values informed and enlightened by collaborative intelligence, unites your team to attract and seduce your audience.
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