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The work of Duke Ellington (1899-1974) represents one of the greatest legacy of the 20th century, advocating the idea of an art for all, and mixing the spirit of the blues with the most sophisticated orchestral invention. Rare are the jazz creators who united such a wide public, music lovers and newcomers, all generations on all continents.
Today Duke Ellington is still internationally famous, associated with an image of elegance, aestheticism and universality. He is unanimously recognized as a great classic, beyond trends and categories. Standards, suites, Sacred Concerts, songs, symphonic works … represent opened doors that re-enchant the roots in concerts or attractive shows for all audiences.

Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra

Considered by the "Duke Ellington Music Society," musicians and festivals as the best Ellingtonian orchestra in Europe, and endorsed by the "Duke Ellington Center For The Arts" chaires by Mercedes Ellington, Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra has found the right tone to meet a raising audience : Jazz à Vienne, Cork, Beirut, Radio France, Saint-Sulpice, Alhambra Paris, theatre Le Palace ...

Laurent Mignard founded his french Duke Orchestra and conducts this "dream team" of 15 solists inside the multiple facets of a Duke Ellington to (re)discover. The engagement is loyal, respectful, creative and enthusiastic. The aesthetics and the timeless values of Duke are projected into today’s world…

To celebrate the 40th anniversary legacy of Duke Ellington (1899-1974), Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra stages the "Duke Ellington Sacred Concert" in an tour event uniting the french cathedrals, to spread the maestro's word of peace, love and spirituality, with Mercedes Ellington (Duke’s granddaughter) in the role of narrator, Emmanuel Pi Djob (revelation "the Voice 2013"), vocalists Nicolle Rochelle and Sylvia Howard, tap dancer Fabien Ruiz and a mass choir. A brillant moment of spirituality for all audiences. see agenda.
Recent highlights
- China Tour may 2013 (Shanghai Spring Festival, Beijing Opera)
- Creation 2013 "Ellington 3Days in Theatre l'Européen - Paris
- TV TF1 2012 « live college des Bernardins »
- TV Mezzo 2012 « Battle Royal – live Jazz à Vienne 2011 »
- Creation 2012 "Ellington French Touch" in theatre Le Palace Paris
- licence agreement with Columbia / Sony Music France
- album « Ellington French Touch » 2012 - 24 tracks, included 15 Ellington's unreleased
- album « Battle Royal » live 2012 - live Jazz à vienne 2011
- Battle Royal - Festival Jazz à Vienne 2011 with Michel Pastre Big Band (broadcasted live France Inter)
- transcription of unreleased Ellington's pieces
- Creation 2011 « Duke Ellington is alive » in Alhambra Paris
- Collaborations with "La Maison du Duke" (Duke's Place in Paris).
Jazz à Vienne, Beyrouth (Liban Jazz), Saint Sulpice, Cork (Guiness Jazz Festival), Opéra de Pékin, Ramatuelle, Jazz sous les Pommiers, Festival Radio France et Montpellier, Alhambra, Le Palace, TF1, France 2, France 3, France Inter, France Musique, FIP, RFI, Europe 1, TSF jazz …

Duke Ellington Society - "Remarkably close to the originals"
Duke Ellington Music Society - "If you want to hear Ellington live, go to Paris !"
Jazz Magazine - "an exhilarating CD"
Télérama - "the spirit of Ellington in a body of today"
L'Express - "Laurent Mignard, messenger of the Duke"
Radio France Info - "One of the best ambassadors of Ellington's music".

Line up
Saxes – clarinets : Didier Desbois, Aurelie Tropez, Fred Couderc, Carl Schlosser, Philippe Chagne
Trumpettes : Claude Egea, Sylvain Gontard, Jérôme Etcheberry, Richard Blanchet
Trombones : Fidel Fourneyron, Michaël Ballue, Jerry Edwards
Piano : Philippe Milanta
Bass : Bruno Rousselet
Drums: Julie Saury
Vocal : Nicolle Rochelle
Conductor : Laurent Mignard
et des invité(e)s : Nicolle Rochelle, Rhoda Scott, Emmanuel Djob, Pierre Richard, Jean-Jacques Milteau, Jorge Pardo, Myra Maud, Sylvia Howard, Laurence Allison, La Velle, Patrick Bacqueville, Patrick Artero, Irakli ....

biography of the musicians
Didier Desbois
Aurélie Tropez
Carl Schlosser
Fred Couderc
Philippe Chagne
Claude Egea
Sylvain Gontard
 Jérôme Etcheberry
Richard Blanchet
Fidel Fourneyron
Michaël Ballue
Jerry Edwards
Philippe Milanta
  Bruno Rousselet
 Julie Saury
Laurent Mignard
 Bruno Minisini (son)
 Nicolle Rochelle
 Myra Maud
Sylvia Howard
" Surrounded with a dream team perfectly capable and inclined to follow him in his adventure, in a faithful, respectful and creative commitment, Laurent Mignard succeded in recreate and embody the great music of Duke. " - Claude Carrière
Laurent Mignard DUKE QUINTET
Duke's language in a creative combo
Laurent Mignard (tp), Philippe Chagne (sax), Philippe Milanta (p), Bruno Rousselet (cb), Julie Saury (batt)
Laurent Mignard DUKE SEPTET
The colors ofDuke in a midsize combo : standards and excerpts from the Suites
Laurent Mignard (tp), Fidel Fourneyron (tb), Didier Desbois, Philippe Chagne (sax-clar), Philippe Milanta (p), Bruno Rousselet (cb), Julie Saury (batt)

Shows and creations

Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra testifies of the extraordinary esthetic profusion of Ellington’s work in concerts and shows, accessible to all audiences …

The many faces of Duke Ellington
The Maestro's standards and extracts of the suites, served by a dream-team of soloists, exceed all audiences expectations in a whirlwind of energy and contrasts that opens the door to rediscover the work a masterful composer.
Duke Ellington and France, a love story !
Laurent Mignard's Duke Orchestra reveals the influence of France in Duke Ellington's work: songs, cinema (Paris Blues), art (Degas), mythical concerts (Antibes, Pleyel, Champs-Elysées) and unpublished works.
On stage, a show mixes music, dance, songs, musical and video, with Nicolle Rochelle and Duke Ellington himself who addresses the public, conducts the orchestra, shares his values…
the testament of Duke Elllington
An exceptional oratorio, mixing jazz, gospel and "Great Music" celebrates the 40th anniversary of Duke Ellington's legacy (1899-1974) in which The "Duke Ellington Center for the Arts" wishes to spread the word of peace, love and spirituality.
On tour 1st oct (Paris) and march/april 2015 (french cathedrals) with Mercedes Ellington (Duke’s granddaughter) as narrator, Emmanuel Djob (from "the Voice 2013") including international vocalists, Nicolle Rochelle, Myra Maud, Marion Cowings,  tap dancer Alexander Cowings and a mass choir.
Basie vs. Ellington
32 artists on stage ! Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra (Ellington) and Michel Pastre Big Band (Basie) defend the aesthetics of the two greatest leaders of the big band history (collaboration, oppositions, battle of soloists) in front of a public warmed to white. The event of Jazz à Vienne festival 2011.
Women in the heart of the work of Ellington
Heady flavors (Perfume Suite), standards anchored in the memory (Sophisticated Lady, Satin Doll), masterful frescoes (The Tattooed Bride) ... an
vibrating focus on the ideal kind with a wide variety of singers.
Duke Ellington ambassador of peoples
Black America, Africa, South America, Middle East, Asia ... Duke Ellington testifies of alterity in his suites. An invitation to (re)discover a world of humanism, elegance and contrast.

Duke for music lovers
Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra invites an symphony orchestra exalting the Ellington colors in great thematic frescos (Harlem Suite, Night Creature, New World A Comin', The River ...). Duke at the pantheon of "grande musique".
Concert review

Festivals : Jazz à Vienne, Beyrouth (Liban Jazz), Saint Sulpice (Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés), Cork (Guiness Jazz Festival), Shanghai Spring Festival, Opéra Pékin, Jazz sous les Pommiers, Festival Radio France et Montpellier, Jazzellerault, Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Provins Duke Festival, Septembre musical de l'Orne, Bergerac, Sites en Scène Oléron, Aigues Mortes, Couleurs Jazz Saint Malo, Jazz à Ramatuelle, Saint Raphaël (Festival New Orleans), Festival Big Band Pertuis, 24 Heures du Swing (Monségur), Méridien Jazz Festival, Rhoda Scott, Rhino Jazz, Dijon D'Jazz dans la ville, Nîmes Métropole, Festival Sully et Loiret, Jazz au fil de l’Oise, La Défense Jazz Festival, Jazz sur son 31, Jazz en Val de Cher, Munster Festival, Festival du Monastier, Sully sur Loire, Sancy Snow Jazz, Niederbronn (Nuit du Jazz), Jazz à Ivry, Festival Touches de Jazz, Auvillar, Caval'air Jazz Festival, Croisière Paquet, Fondation Maeght …
: France Musique (Jazz sur le Vif, Jazz Club), FIP, France Inter, Europe 1, TSF

: Olympia Paris, church La Madeleine Paris, L'Européen, Le Palace, Alhambra, Opéra Limoges, Montargis Hot Club, Bayonne scène nationale, Périgueux scène nationale, Vendôme scène nationale,
Arcachon Olympia, Boulogne Billancourt Carré Bellefeuille, Théâtre Poissy, Théâtre Chelles, Athis Mons, Provins, Athis-Mons, Chevilly-Larue, Epernon, L’Hay-Les-Roses, Clamart, Puteaux, Le Perreux, Maisons-Laffitte, Versailles (Ginette), La Sorbone...
: Collège des Bernardins, Jazz club Lionel Hampton, Petit Journal Montparnasse, l'Entrepôt,
La Bellevilloise ...

La Maison du Duke
Duke's place in Paris
Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra finds its natural extension in "La Maison du Duke", founded in September 2009. Represented by Claude Carrière (Honorary Chairman), Christian Bonnet (Chair), Philippe Baudoin (Vice President), Isabelle Marquis ... it federates enthusiasts and the audience to share the heritage and values of Duke Ellington: lectures and concerts at the Collège des Bernardins, WebTV, exhibition, scores, master classes ... More info here
Ellington Composers
Laurent Mignard Duke Orchestra supports the contest "Ellington Composers" produced by the Provins Duke Festival.
1er prize 2013 : Leila Olivesi - Summer Wings
1er prize 2012 : Stéphane Tsapis - Mount Athos

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